Pollywords like the classic word game reinvented for language discovery. We want to launch this into schools with Teacher analytics.


Word games and digital innovation around language learning has been restricted to a number of traditional formats. Some familiar word games have only been available online in English versions preventing the exchange of language culture and improvement of gameplay. There was also no fun way to create the next generation urban and global dictionary that allowed people to vote for words that have already become a part of our lexicon and yet are not available in most widely-used dictionaries.


Pollywords was the first multilingual word game to allow people to play on the same board using different languages. Built as an iOS game the multiplayer innovation was a runaway hit with hundreds of thousands of players battling online. Delivered in over 10 languages, the game also pioneered the use of Franko-Arabic and romanised Urdu to be used in a word game. In addition, the game also leveraged user-generated content (UGC) to help capture the correct pronunciation of words.


Hundreds of thousands of games later, people around the world have had fun playing word games and exploring languages. The game has also been played across hundreds of schools in the united state, Europe, middle east and Asia. The game was recorded as a top 50 game in Asia and received recognition from media outlets such as Huffington Post and Wamda. The game was also showcased at TechCrunch conferences around the globe.