Allowing schools to empower students and parents to truly leverage their networks for the discovery of jobs and a brighter future.


The app that allows schools to create powerful networks between the parents of the students that go there.

  • Schools are struggling to create new ways and channels to engage with parents
  • Parents are struggling to leverage the school’s network to help their kids build skills and work experience.
  • Creating a powerful network where parents and students and employers can connect to explore opportunities for working together and building better teams as a result.


An app that allows only parents at school to network amongst each other and to post potential opportunities for students at that school. The lack of minors on the platform reduces school overhead as it is for parents only. Parents are able to post and award opportunities that range from paid and unpaid internships all the way to full-time employment at their places of work. Schools are also able to post updates on events or opportunities themselves that may be related to employability or other subject areas. This application can also be used as a powerful tool to re-engage all school alumni over the world.


  • Improved jobs and skills opportunities for students and schools.
  • Highly engaging parents’ communities
  • High engaging Alumni community.
  • Opportunities to engage with Startups, SMEs and Corporations around the world.