Gentle on your garments, your health, your environment. Laundry was never so eco-friendly before.


The desire to offer a safer daily life for our family. With toxins growing more common in our urban lives, we have for years been in search of cleaner alternatives for everything that touches our loved one’s lives including water, food, farming solutions, hobbies, and fabrics.


An eco-friendly, natural laundry solution for a safer and healthier environment. We helped create a brand that reflected on the need for eliminating toxins and chemicals from our day to day activities. Especially considering the fact that there is rampant use of harsh chemicals for different kinds of wet and dry cleaning processes, it was essential to build a brand that people trust as an environment-friendly solution to this problem, while also carefully performing laundry.


An environment-friendly laundry brand that offers an e-commerce website promoting the use of biodegradable garment care. Customers are allowed to select between different laundry packages and also choose between kinds of garment cleaning per their needs. Customers also have the facility to pay online and the garments are safely picked up and then delivered back to the residences, cleaner, fresher than ever before. There was also a small App build for phone users to be able to pick a laundry slot and make a booking while on the go.