Helping you track work hours and coffee breaks, Keep a track of your projects down to task level with DuDat.


Automated tracking of work hours including breaks and absences at the corporate level.


One-stop digital platform for time tracking at the corporate level where employees can track their hours and tasks completed against those hours, while employers get the benefit of keeping up to date with employee performance over time.


Accurate tracking of work hours by employers to assess performance and simultaneously manage payroll based on hours worked. The Dudat Web application allows less manual calculation and far more accurate than manual attendance and payroll. In addition to that, Dudat Web also solves the problem of task-level tracking; this means it assists employees in tracking their time spent against each task and also for them to set due dates against their to-dos. We built this app using Angular 6 supported by security tools and a stable database. Users are able to perform the following actions to make their work lives easier:

  • Clock-in when they start working
  • Break in and break out (for a cup of coffee)
  • Clock-out when they finish work for the day.