Helps track entrance and exit of individuals from different locations.


The hassle of keeping manual records of people checking in and out of buildings, schools and university residences.


An app that tracks and keeps records of residents, first-time and returning visitors check in and out at different locations using one single platform. This should also give the building owner visibility of all people visiting and residing.


Improved security, improved tracking of records, and the ability to backtrack guest/visitor activity using one platform. We built an extensive web platform using Node.JS and also created a database to store resident/guest/visitor activity at different buildings. The tool works on any tablet and allows us to check-in anyone and also comes with an Admin portal for the front of house or reception staff. Helps deliver security, compliance and revenue/people protection. Users at the front-desk are easily able to use the Check-in App to log a resident, guest or visitor on to the system with their names, emails, registered phone numbers and timestamp of entrance and exit of each visit. Building owners, on the other hand, are also able to extract and download an XLS file of the records from a specified date range or through months/weeks etc.